Soylent 1.1 – A Step In The Wrong Direction

UPDATE:  Soylent 1.2 was just announced and is going to remove the enzymes which thinned the consistency!  Boy that was a fast reaction to the many of of voicing our unhappiness with 1.1!

So as you may or may not know, Soylent 1.1 was recently announced.  Effective of that announcement, all shipments were supposed to be 1.1 and 1.0 was no longer being shipped.

Interestingly (and fortunately, as I’ll explain in a moment) we got our next 28-bag supply a couple weeks later, and it was Soylent 1.0.  I’m very thankful for this, but sure wish I could be assured of getting more.

You see, Soylent 1.1 made one major, functional change to the product that is a huge step in the wrong direction.

They made it thinner.  So thin, that it’s essentially just water.  Maybe more like the consistency of nonfat milk.

Someone in the forum said they felt it was the consistency of whole milk, but personally I strongly disagree with that assessment.

Now that we’ve tried 1.1 for ourselves, we’re both extremely disappointed with this change.  Soylent is now something we don’t look forward to consuming.  It’s not horrible, and we *can* consume it, but now it’s something we have to force ourselves to do because we know we have to.  It’s no longer something we actually like drinking.

For us, this is heartbreaking.  Soylent has been such a massively positive thing in our lives, it’s impossible to understate just how happy we’ve been with it.  Every time we drink it, it’s been like a special treat.  The creamy texture was a huge part of if feeling special – almost like a dessert except we get to have it any time, all the time.

Rosa Labs sprung this change on the general Soylent customer base without warning, and that’s another thing that is greatly disheartening to me.  I’m guessing they have a group of beta testers that did know about it first, but the first time the general customer knew about this was when they were told it’s what they would now be receiving.

The thing is – this is not what we’ve been paying for the last 6 months.  We have come to accept that Soylent is a specific product, and this is not that product.  It is so different that I would call it a different product altogether, just as whole milk and nonfat milk are totally different products – even though both are technically milk.

If they offered the choice of 1.0 or 1.1, then obviously it would be different and we would very happily stay with 1.0.  But they didn’t offer anything like that (and they probably can’t due to the costs of maintaining two different production lines) and instead simply changed the product out from under all of us.  Imagine if you ordered whole milk and received nonfat instead and were told “this is now milk version 1.1″.  You would not be happy!

And so, we are not happy.  We are continuing with Soylent because we still would rather consume it than have to deal with conventional food all the time.  But version 1.1 of Soylent has just sucked all the joy out of the product.  It’s now just a necessity that we will tolerate, but not especially enjoy.

And in that respect, it’s now no better than conventional food.

Some have reported that adding Xanthan Gum thickens it up enough to be more like 1.0.  But that’s an extra step and cost we shouldn’t be required to bear.

If anyone from Rosa Labs reads this, I urge you to update to a 1.2 as quickly as you possibly can and bring it back to the thickness of 1.0.  I no longer have the enthusiasm to recommend Soylent that I did just a few weeks ago.  Not that it’s bad by any stretch, it’s still a great product at its core.  But the consumption experience is no longer enjoyable.

We’ll enjoy the 1.0 that we have left but… what a shame.  We’re really quite devastated by this.