Well that was kinda surprising.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve posted anything here especially with any frequency.  And that’s certainly not because we don’t drink Soylent anymore – quite the opposite in fact.  It’s such an every day, “boring” staple in our lives now that there’s just nothing to say.  However as has been noted several times previously, we’ve still been drinking 1.3 powder and had stocked up on a massive amount of it while we could up until earlier this year (haven’t seen any being sold in quite some time now).

A few months ago I finally gave in to curiosity when Soylent started selling on Amazon, and ordered some Cacao, Coffiest, and “Original” Soylent as well.  As detailed in my last post, Shannon likes the coffiest very much while I’m not a coffee fan but it works for me if I cut it with regular Soylent.  Cacao I didn’t much care for (weird aftertaste for me) but again she likes it very much.  But at the time I made that post, I had not yet tried “Original” Soylent 2.0 (Ready To Drink or RTD).  She liked it fine, except that it gave her horrible painful gas every time, even with taking Beano or other digestive enzymes.  She just doesn’t handle soy or corn very well and since Soy is now the protein source in Soylent RTD… that means it’s out for her until further notice.

I finally gave RTD Soylent a try myself a few weeks back, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was.  And I mean good, not “ok” or “drinkable” but actually tasty.  It tastes like popcorn… which is really very weird in a drink I admit!  But since I really like popcorn, that worked out quite well for me.

But now the surprising parts.  After polishing off several boxes of RTD Soylent at a rate of around 3 per day on average, I noticed a few things.  First, I found that I was more satisfied on Soylent 2.0 than on 1.3.  I even went a full 24 hours once (which I have also only ever done once before and isn’t something I ever push for intentionally) on only Soylent 2.0 and it was shockingly easy.  I basically find that I don’t especially feel the “need” for conventional food anymore.  I pretty much have it because either it’s in the house and I don’t want something to spoil/expire, or we’re going out to eat somewhere that we like.  Other than that, I just prefer Soylent as being far superior in every way.

The biggest surprise of all however, came last night.  I finally finished all the Soylent 2.0 and our subscription delivery of more isn’t due until some time next week.  We have lots of 1.3 though and I still make it for Shannon every couple of days so I figured no biggie, I’ll just go back to 1.3 for a few days until more 2.0 arrives.  But WOW was I in for a surprise.  After going several weeks without a drop of 1.3, I was completely unprepared for how different it was going to taste!!  It’s not bad or anything, and I can certainly still drink it if need be.  But holy cow do I ever prefer 2.0.

I really didn’t think there would be much difference, but it’s like night & day  1.3 now has a very strong, almost “fruity” flavor to it.  And the texture… boy am I ever aware of the grit!  I’ve gotten so spoiled by 2.0 being completely and perfectly smooth and not even requiring any shaking.  And for as much as I really love cold Soylent, I actually think I could drink 2.0 room temp and it would be fine.  Another very surprising thing about it.

So I was planning to just do 1.3 until next week, but after this morning I’m finding I just don’t really want 1.3 and I am desperately craving 2.0.  SIGH.  I caved in and removed 2 boxes of RTD from our subscription this month, and instead paid the normal price to order them delivered today.  I just can’t hold out, I gotta have my RTD!

We also hugely increased our subscription amounts this month because we’re taking a short trip soon and will be traveling with quite a bit of Soylent to ensure we have no problems with food while vacationing.  It will be the second time I’ve travelled with Soylent but the first for Shannon, and the first for both of us having RTD.  She’ll make do with Cacao and Coffiest plus whatever conventional food we choose to eat, and I’ll do with original flavor and possibly some cafe vanilla (our first box of that will be coming next week as well, not sure if we’ll like it or not but I’m hoping we do!)

We’re really glad to see Soylent expanding so much into more flavors, as having variety – even just between Soylents! – is a huge step in being able to go 100% Soylent any time we feel like it.  And with Soylent now expanding into 7-11 stores, even just as a test… more people should be exposed to it and have a chance to try it.

Soylent.  Changing the world one metabolism at a time!  😉