I can’t quite figure this out about people.

– Taken From: ayearofproductivity.com

The reason for me breaking down in the middle of this experiment has a lot more to do with how much I love food rather than how much I hate soylent. Soylent isn’t terrible by any means, and I actually enjoyed it after I didn’t eat it exclusively over the course of the experiment. But there is a time and a place for it, as I’ll get to below, and eating soylent exclusively simply wasn’t something I was willing to do–not even in the name of productivity.

It’s very strange to me that so many people who write about Soylent, decided that when they tried it they had to go on a Soylent-only diet for some period of time.  Are they really surprised they “failed”??  That’s like telling someone who’s had alcoholic beverages 3 times per day nearly every day of their life to just stop overnight.  Why would you do that to yourself?  And how likely would you really be to “succeed” at something so deliberately masochistic?

Still, I think the author’s article summary hits it on the head…

Takeaway: Soylent is a powdered food substitute that supplies your body with all of its daily nutritional needs. Just mix it with water and a bit of oil, and then drink the smoothie-like concoction. I failed miserably at this experiment because I like food too much, but soylent is still fantastic: it takes a minimal amount of time to prep, is dirt-cheap, and is a perfectly healthy food. However, it’s way less fun to eat than food, which sucks if you love food as much as I do.

Frankly that sounds a bit like an addiction to me but what do I know…

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