OMG… the Vessyl Smart Cup is here!!

OK Soylent drinkers, this is what many of you have probably been waiting for!  Check this out, come back after to read the rest.  But be warned – you’re gonna want this.  Bad.

As you can probably tell, we love our Soylent.  But there’s one problem with it – tracking your consumption.  It’s not so bad if you always drink carefully measured amounts from specific containers all the time, but what if you drink from a large vessel throughout the day?

We generally use our Contigo insulated bottles and we love them.  They’re 20 ounces so if I drink a full one, it’s pretty easy to track my consumption.  But what if I drink only part of one?  How do I know how much I’ve consumed?  Yeah I can ballpark it, but I’m a data junkie… I like to know, not guess.

EDIT:  Just making sure to point out that the Vessyl is only 13oz, unlike our Contigos which are 20oz.

The Vessyl looks like the answer to our prayers in this regard!  Drink however much, and it knows.  Not only that, it tracks everything for you automatically!  This is astounding.  I couldn’t resist and ordered a pair for us.

What are your thoughts about this?  Any plans to use it yourself?

8 thoughts on “OMG… the Vessyl Smart Cup is here!!

    • Oh yeah, I may have been slightly unclear on that point. My reference to 20oz is for out Contigo bottles, not the Vessyl. They definitely have 20oz contigos, we got them on Amazon. But the Vessyl is indeed only 13oz. I don’t mind so much since it will be keeping track of how much we drink, refilling it at arbitrary intervals should be fine. I didn’t really like doing that so much with the 20oz, because many times I drink 2 of them, and a little more. Or sometimes a little less. So it’s not an exact 40oz and therefore the tracking is sloppy. I guess I’m just a neat freak when it comes to my data! =)

    • LOL is that the sound of your credit card shrieking at the prospect of another $100 spent for a Soylent-related mostly-toy? Cuz that’s about what mine sounded like. 😀

    • I wish I knew! I only just placed my order today, but they claim to work with smoothies/shakes so I expect it won’t be any trouble. Especially seeing as Soylent really isn’t all that thick if you make it a full pitcher at a time. It’s maybe the thickness of cream. Apparently they won’t be shipping units until 2015, but hey… I waited just as long for Soylent itself, so what the hell.

    • Yeah it’s a bit steep and definitely a big indulgence to buy. But they intend to raise the price to $199 after presale, and that would definitely put it way out of my willing-to-splurge-on zone. $99 was just barely within my “toy” price range. I’m hopeful that this kind of technology (if it works of course!) will trickle down into more things in the future and get cheaper as it goes. That’s pretty typical so… I remain hopeful. =)

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