Soylent customer sheds over 1 pound per day!

After having been on Soylent for 18 days, I thought it was finally time to truly and publicly say thank you to @Rob and the others behind Soylent development.

Having been overweight my entire adult life and assuming now that I’m in my late thirties that weight loss, but more importantly a general feeling of health was going to beyond my eventual reach, your product saved the day.

Besides my weight loss, which I have documented elsewhere on this forum; I have corrected 20 years of digestive issues that had turned me into a introvert uncomfortable leaving my home/home office for a decade. I’ve now started to go on overnight trips, accept lecture requests, and even started to consider traveling abroad again for my upcoming fifth anniversary. What GI specialists couldn’t do in 5 years, your wonderful product has done in two weeks.

So knowing that there are many people here in the forums doubtful of your product and many others angered by its various delays, please know that there are real people you have helped out here in the world. Continue to innovate and I am sure your company will be a long term success story.


That is simply AWESOME.  That something as simple as consuming Soylent, could completely alter the course of a person’s existence in such a literally life-changing (and saving) way, is amazing.  Kudos to the OP in the forum livraison viagra rapide.

Soylent critics take note.  There is a very serious need for this product and those who have such a need/desire deserve to have it fulfilled.

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