Soylent has caught up on their shipping backlog!

According to numerous posts in the official Soylent forum, it appears that Rosa Labs has managed to get caught up on their massive many-month backlog of Soylent orders!

This is a gigantic milestone for the company and product, as demand has so far outstripped supply that people were resorting to ebay and Craigslist – often paying massive premiums – just to get their hands on some.

Reports are that initial orders are being placed and shipping notices are being sent within 2 weeks.  Compare that to the 5+ months many people were previously experiencing!

So what does this mean going forward?  Obviously we can only speculate, but I for one believe it means that international orders can’t be too far off.  There is definitely a hungry market for Soylent outside the US borders, and while Rosa Labs has been unable to supply it, other smaller companies have stepped in and established themselves.  I don’t think it will take long for Soylent to become the dominant powdered food outside the US as well, and certainly for the company’s long-term viability, I hope they do so soon!

Congrats Rob and everyone at Rosa Labs for having managed to conquer this step in less than a year from initial launch!

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