Vessyl hit pre-order sales goal in under 2 hours??

Wow, I had not known about this until the other day. Apparently when the Vessyl smart cup pre-order campaign went live, they hit their initial target in just 100 minutes.  They appear to be selling like the proverbial hotcakes.

Seeing as they are offering the pre-orders at half price for 2 months, I strongly suspect this thing is going to be a huge hit.  I know we can’t wait to get ours.

I’m still a little bit concerned about the size, being only 13oz capacity.  But, so I fill it up a few times throughout the day.  That’s not exactly a huge problem or anything.

Not everyone sees the point to something like this… what do you think?  There’s less than one month remaining to get one at half price, have you ordered yours or do you plan to?

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