Yahoo! We’re Famous! Er, ish…

Nicole Goodkind, an editor over at Yahoo Finance, did a followup article to a piece she wrote a few weeks ago about Soylent.  This time she asked us to answer a few questions on camera so she could use them in the video portion of the piece.  We were happy to help, and the article is now live.  Not bad, though doesn’t really say much that’s new.  Still it’s a good piece and at least it isn’t a hatchet job claiming that Soylent is the end of humanity as we know it.

Check out the vid and read the article… what do you think?

2 thoughts on “Yahoo! We’re Famous! Er, ish…

  1. S & J,

    Wondering if you’ve experienced any issues with soylent or when you have “regular” food…digestive problems, bowel movements, etc.

    I realize that it’s an odd question, but I don’t want to decide on a soylent diet and then find out that my plumbing is messed up.

    Thanks in advance for answering this…

    • Not an odd question at all! In fact it’s one of the most common ones. =) We talked about this in our recent Q&A video, but the short answer is – no issues whatsoever. If anything our bowels are happier than they have been in a long time. Digestion also somehow seems easier, even when having a conventional meal. Though I will say that we’re keenly aware of the digestion process now, and never were before. Can really tell when my stomach is working on something that isn’t Soylent! Anyway, check out the Soylent forums too, there’s been tons of discussion about this question and some people have had different experiences – though none particularly bad that I’m aware of. Still everyone is unique so… experiences can be too.

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