1 Year with Soylent!

Holy crap, it completely snuck up on me!  Today marks exactly 1 year from our first receipt of Soylent (which I <a href="https://www achat viagra en europe.youtube.com/watch?v=6V9arB7DxOE” target=”_blank”>documented on video… not sure I’ve ever been quite so excited to see a FedEx truck!  LOL)

I almost missed that it was today actually, have just had a lot going on and it’s been far too easy to lose track of time.  We intend to do a video or something “more special” to commemorate this momentous occasion, but it clearly isn’t going to happen today (and frankly it’s too dang hot right now to do much of anything anyway!)

But stay tuned, we’ll have something to say ASAP.  ?

P.S. – Great irony of ironies, we’re going to celebrate by going out to eat.  LOL

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