2.5 Months of Living Soylently

I was asked in the forum for an update, so figured it was time to write another post.

It’s funny… coming up with things to update about is actually pretty hard after the first few weeks.  Soylent just fits right into our life and we really don’t even have to think about it.  We’re about 80% or so Soylent, occasionally higher, occasionally lower.  We still feel great, have more sustained energy, can go much longer with physical activity/workouts/etc.  Much quicker recovery times after said exertions… it’s just all around fantastic.

I intend to do an actual formal tally of the financial side of Soylent at the 3 month mark (coming up!!) and compare to the same 3 months from last year. It won’t be an apples-to-apples comparison for a whole host of reasons, but I still am curious. I already suspect it will show that our food costs rose significantly, because for the last 2 months we started going out to eat a LOT more regularly.

Basically since we had so little food other than Soylent in the house, if we felt like anything else… we’d have to go out!  It was getting a bit out of hand though so we did a grocery run and are now keeping something of a baseline of conventional foods in the house, so that simply feeling like a change of pace doesn’t drive us to overpriced restaurant food every single time.

Other than that, we couldn’t be happier.  The convenience, speed, ease, lack of dishes & cleanup, etc. just can’t be beat.  On a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best vs. conventional food being a 3 on all points, I would give Soylent:

Cost: 3
Ease: 5
Taste: 4
Lifestyle Compatibility: 5
Health/Nutrition: 5

I could probably come up with more points but that’ll do for now.  I’m gonna have to get started on that 3 month accounting report!

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