And now for something completely different…

Spoiler alert – this post is not about Soylent.  😉

A friend and business partner of mine, Michael Gilmour has just released his first self published book.  And not just some eBook mind you, no.  This is an honest-to-goodness physical paperback with professional cover art, its own ISBN number and *everything* (though there’s also a digital version of course)!  It’s called Battleframe and is the first in a forthcoming series.  I got to read a few of the very early drafts long ago, and I know it’s been through several rewrites since then.  Now, I’ve bought my copy and just need to set aside some time to read it.  I’m quite looking forward to it actually, as I’m kindof personally responsible for the book’s very existence.  But that’s a long and boring story to anyone but me & Michael.  lol

Anyway, if you like the SciFi genre and want to support a first time author’s effort, I happily recommend you check it out at  Enjoy!

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