Coming Up on the Big 3.0

Yep that’s right… 3 months with Soylent is in just a couple days.  Wow what a quarter it’s been.

I’m planning a very in-depth post about this, including a financial analysis of how Soylent has fit in to our existence and where things have changed with regards to household operational expenses.  Unfortunately for my sense of timing, our utility bills don’t fall on nice monthly boundaries, and I wont’ actually have data for June & July until almost the end of August!Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

But I’m compiling whatever I can so far and will make it as easy to interpret as possible.  Might do a video as well… will see what kind of time I can manage to carve out.  ?

6 thoughts on “Coming Up on the Big 3.0

  1. Got some bad news from the Soylent company the other day. My original delivery date for my first order has been pushed back another 8-10 weeks due to “repackaging issues”! Don’t know if this is just affecting first-time orderers or everyone. Have you heard anything about this? This is most annoying. This takes me to around mid-November before I’ll receive any product!

    • Yeah, this has been discussed at length in the Soylent forums. It’s extremely unfortunate, and a little confusing. I really stay out of the speculation game and trying to uncover some deeper meaning to it all. Then again, maybe that’s easy for me to say since we have our Soylent. To your question though, it did affect everyone for a couple of weeks – all shipping apparently stopped, including reorders. We happened to not run out and got our next resupply just a couple days before we ran out.

      Hopefully the delay will be less than what they’re projecting, but at this point… who really knows. 🙁

  2. Boy, were you lucky! Guess I’ll just have to bite the bullet and wait it out. I’ve tried to get on the Soylent forums, but I have a Mac and apparently a browser that they don’t accept, so I can’t get on. I even have an xp that I tried to get on with, and it won’t even accept that because of it being an outdated operating system. I’m just out of luck all around, huh?

  3. You shouldn’t have any trouble getting into the Soylent forums. I’m on a Mac and all browsers work perfectly fine (including some non-standard ones I use for development). There has been a long-standing issue however, with the “https everywhere” extension, that apparently a lot of people are using. Every case I’ve read about with someone unable to access portions of the Soylent website, has been traced back to that plugin. So you might have a look at that. Or try another browser if you haven’t already.

    If all major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) fail to get you in, then there is something else going on, and I would suggest trying from a different internet connection (IP address), like your phone perhaps. If that works, then somehow your IP has possibly been blocked, and you’ll want to email and ask them who to contact for website issues.

    I hope my life as a web developer helps you out in this case! 😉

  4. Thank you very much for your advice on connecting to the Soylent forums. So far I’ve only tried to connect by clicking on your link. Do you have another address that will connect to them? Also, I’ve tried the Mac with Safari browser, and the xp with Firefox, and just get a blank page when I try to connect. Safari is the only browser I can use on the Mac for some reason, possibly because it is so old, and the xp is now out of commission because microsoft ceased supporting them, and it is acting kinda hinky. You can see why I’ve all but given up.

    I really appreciate your attempts to help me with this matter, but I fear it may be a lost cause on the machines I have now.

    • The forums only have one link, which is If your computers are so old that they can’t run a modern browser, I’m afriad you may indeed find yourself stuck. The forum software Soylent is using, is pretty ultra-modern and uses a lot of the latest technologies. That being said, maybe it will “fall back” to older tech if it detects an older browser… I really don’t know.

      You can try to install old versions of browsers if you want to give it a shot. Check here for old Mac Firefox versions:

      You can find all sorts of other old apps there too (hence their name!) so maybe that will help. If all else really fails… maybe you can get some time on another more modern computer somewhere?

      Good luck! =)

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