Day 19 and feeling grrrrRRRRRRRREAT!!

Day 19, just finishing up our original 28 bag supply, and will be starting on our second order shortly. We’re running about a 1.5 bag/day consumption rate now. Probably around 80% to 90% Soylent, we go out from time to time when we feel like it and those times are WAY better because they’re only because we feel like it generic viagra 100mg. Never because we don’t have anything to eat in the house or are too tired to deal with preparing food etc.

Our fridge is very weirdly empty. Every time I open it I have this impulse reaction of “Oh shit we better go shopping!” and then I remember Soylent. LOL We haven’t done any real grocery shopping in over 19 days. I went out to get a couple cases of bottled water, and while I was there I picked up a bag of baby carrots (which are now candy to me… OMG so sweet & yummy) and grabbed two half gallons of milk too just so we wouldn’t run out entirely (and we used to buy milk usually 5 gallons at a time, and resupply about every 7 to 10 days! Now a single gallon looks like it’ll last at least a couple weeks). I still have some bread & cheese to use up, and cereals.

I don’t crave sweets really at all anymore, in fact they’re kinda unappealing now as they’re just too damn sweet. Soylent itself tastes really very sweet to me now, and really is like I’m already drinking a melted ice cream treat anyway. I do get the urge to munch on something sometimes, so I’ve mostly been turning either to gum or carrots, or to the occasional bowl of cereal of cheese sandwich, just to use stuff up.

Moods are great, energy levels are great. Above all things are just stable. No extreme highs, no extreme lows, just very smooth and stable all the time. Sleep is still amazing… all sleep is “the best sleep ever”. I don’t know what the deal is with that, but others have reported it as well. Somehow our sleep is just far more efficient than ever… it’s wild.

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