Habits. Funny little buggers aren’t they?

Now that I’m consuming Soylent most of the time rather than dealing with conventional food, I find myself with a lot of extra time. And this is time that has been occupied my entire life.

Now as I find myself standing in the kitchen, Soylent in hand, contentedly sipping away, I’m sometimes at a loss for what I should be doing.  Habits instilled in me over decades, are in direct conflict with what my mind is telling me I need to be doing.

It’s kinda like that feeling of walking into a room and forgetting what you were intending to do there. Like, I know I should be doing something, and I have this urge to open cabinets and drawers and get out various things. But there’s no need to do so, and I feel confused. Maybe even slightly befuddled.

But then I remember that I have all the food I need in my hand and can now happily go about my day, and the confusion vanishes.

Developing new habits with regards to some of my food-specific rituals is going to take time.  Thankfully I have more extra time now than I ever have had before.  Soylent as time machine. Who knew?

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