Life Without Soylent. Say It Isn’t So!!!

We officially ran completely out of Soylent last night.

This is the first time in over 5 months we will have gone even just 24 hours without it.

I can already tell you.  IT SUCKS.

Here’s how this morning looked:

  • Rude sudden awakening pre-dawn to a cat vomiting on our headboard (yes, right above our heads) which nearly induces human vomiting along with it.
  • Clean up said vomit, discovering that it had also gone down the wall and behind a night-table.  Oh joy.
  • Realize I’m quite hungry, having gone to bed with only 6 ounces of Soylent in me, plus some popcorn and nuts (we watched a movie),
  • Remember we have no Soylent.
  • no cat






  • Try to ignore hunger and go back to sleep.
  • Wake up again a little later, discover Shannon feeling light headed and weak from hunger yet too queasy from the vomit experience to actually eat anything.
  • Settle on orange juice for Shannon  to at least stabilize blood sugar.
  • Unable to ignore hunger any longer, wander the kitchen and house for a while.  Nothing sounds appealing.  Can’t decide.  Wish I just had Soylent.
  • I settle on my old pre-Soylent standby of oatmeal.  It’s ok.  Not terribly satisfying though.  Wish I had Soylent.
  • Shannon goes outside to water the gardens, still running on just a small glass of orange juice but not feeling like she can deal with food yet.  Wish we had Soylent.
  • Wish we had Soylent.

That pretty much takes us up to this moment.  We have more Soylent coming, but due to the way the subscription is set up it won’t be here probably for about 5 more days.  I’ve added a second 7-bag subscription to our existing 28-bag subscription, and that should be exactly enough to carry us through each month in the future.  I only wish it was already here.

I know many people will dismiss this or think it’s silly/ridiculous, but you have no idea what a pain in the ass it is to have to make food choices in the morning, until you haven’t had to for a long time!  We’ve gotten SO used to not ever having to try to decide what to eat, or expend the time & energy to prepare it, or clean up after it, that it’s been a major shock to the system to find ourselves thrust back into that mode again.

It feels downright medieval.

Soylent, you better stick around FOREVER.  I mean that.  AND you guys need to work on your subscription system to allow for people to arbitrarily increase/decrease their needs at any time.

Oh and hurry up with that infrastructure so that it just comes out of my tap (or better yet right out of my fridge’s water dispenser) would you?

We now return you to our irregularly-scheduled Soylentless existence, already in progress and miserable.

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