My delicious, quick, 250 calorie meals

I’m generally the first to point out that Soylent, as much as we love it, is not a “weight loss product” at all.  That’s not its intention, and it’s not especially low in calories, carbs, etc.  What it is however, is perfectly balanced nutrition – based on the currently accepted science and not fads, trends, fears, etc.  And because it’s such a neatly balanced delivery system (being a liquid and all), it’s extraordinarily easy to measure one’s consumption, which in itself is an outstanding weight management tool.

But, I often find that Soylent alone leaves a bit to be desired.  I think it’s just 40+ years of habit.  All that chewing and tearing and grinding has me used to it, and just drinking all the time… seems odd.  So we mix it up, and have whatever conventional food we feel like having whenever we feel like having it (typically about once per day).  Which ultimately led to the inclusion of a few new staples in our diet like Spry Gum among other things.

One in particular that I have every single day, multiple times per day (and Shannon has them fairly often too, though not as much as me), are Ener-G Gluten Free Donut Holes.  Now personally, I couldn’t care less that they’re gluten free.  I loves me some gluten!  And in fact their being gluten free kinda put me off a bit at first.  Shannon got them for herself and as soon as I saw them… well I have to admit I agree with one of the Amazon reviewers who complained about them looking unappetizing.  They aren’t the perfect “pretty” donut holes you might find at a donut shop or in a Hostess bag.  They’re a little oblong and every one is different, almost like they’re being hand-rolled or something.

But once I got over that and saw that the ingredients had nothing “weird” in them and that they simply looked like little cake balls, I tried one… and found that they’re pretty tasty.  Despite being brown, they are not chocolate in flavor.  They’re quite mild, just slightly sweet.  Which is a lot like Soylent itself!  So I tried them with Soylent, and got quite the shock.

They are AMAZEBALLS together.  I’m not sure why, but the combination of the chewing of the dough and the drinking of Soylent just goes insanely well together.  The Soylent is somehow even more refreshing than usual when it’s washing down one of these donut holes.

The package says they’re 35 calories each, which when combined with my typical 6-ounce glass of Soylent, means I can have two donut holes and a glass of Soylent, for an approximately 250 calorie meal that is extremely tasty and satisfying.  Plus it’s SO quick, I barely have to interrupt my flow at all to have a very nice and also low calorie meal.  Which leaves me able to also have the occasional ice cream, candy, or whatever the heck else I want without concern.

So I highly recommend giving these donut holes a try.  Again they look a little funky… but they’re really very good and we now buy them in large quantities since I go through about 6 to 10 of them per day.  Check ’em out and let us know what you think!

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