No, we have not died.

So it’s been some time since either of us wrote anything in the blog, or since I posted any videos, or heck even since I was active in the Soylent forum!  Apparently we’ve been missed as we’ve had several people write to us privately to ask what happened to us, as well as similar comments on the Youtube channel!

Fact is we’ve just been insanely busy.  Since documenting this “Soylent stuff” is just a hobby side project for us, it was the first thing to fall by the side when things got hectic.  We are absolutely still loving Soylent.  In fact it’s such an integral part of our existence that when we ran out the other day, we contacted another local Soylenteer who had some surplus and bought a week’s worth to hold us over till our next shipment arrived!  The prospect of even a few days without Soylent was just way too much to bear.

So anyway, we’re still anywhere from 50% to 100% Soylent on any given day, averaging out to around 80% I’d say.  Frankly I don’t think we could maintain the levels of work we’ve been doing if we didn’t have Soylent to give us our primary base nutrition!  It’s really been awesome.

I took a business trip for 6 days recently and brought Soylent with me in liquid form, powder form, peanut butter form, and brownie form.  For those 6 days I bought less than $2 worth of other food!  It was amazing and hands down the best trip I’ve ever taken, as far as meeting my basic sustenance requirements goes.

I have several videos I’ve shot but have not had time to edit and upload, so they will come eventually.  I also still do plan a big “accounting update” to compare costs from the same period last year pre-Soylent, to this year post-Soylent.  It’s just such an involved undertaking that I haven’t had the free time to dig into our files and make sense of it all.

I’m only writing this blog post now because it’s 2am and though my body is quite tired from a long day, my mind is so wide awake that I couldn’t sleep, so I figured I’d bang out a quick post.  Shannon also has one draft written that she wanted me to read before posting, so that will probably come soon too.

That’s it for now Soylent fans.  But we are now closing in on 5 months with Soylent.  5 life changing, amazing months.  Wow where does the time go?


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