Soylent 1.0 on eBay? Oh what the heck…


 I was fortunate enough to get my order of Soylent delivered very early on in the process, so I have decided to put up a single pouch (3 meals’ worth) on ebay just for kicks.

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So there was a thread posted in the Soylent forum asking if anyone was eBaying or otherwise selling any of their Soylent, now that it’s starting to reach people. Nobody responded right away that they were selling any, and since we are among a very small group of people who have actually received our Soylent, I decided to go ahead and put up a single pouch on eBay, mostly just for laughs.

I have no idea if it will even sell, or for what price, or if it will get stupid fake bids driving it up to millions of dollars (that we will of course never receive). But it’s kinda funny, since I think this is the first production Soylent to ever go up on eBay. Not sure how to prove that but it’s fun regardless!



2 thoughts on “Soylent 1.0 on eBay? Oh what the heck…

  1. Hi Jonathan. I love your videos. I just heard about Soylent and ordered a monthly subscription each for me and my fiancée, but they said it would take a two months to arrive. 🙁 I’d love to buy 2 pouches of Soylent from you just so we can try it (one for me and one for my fiancée). I’ll pay whatever price you think is fair. I live in Miami and would also pay for whatever shipping costs you. Please let me know if you’d be willing to do this for us.

    Also, in one of your videos you said that you were filling the pitcher to the top, which wasn’t following directions, which said the ratio was 1 scoop of Soylent to 1 scoop of water. But when I pulled up the preparation directions, it actually says 1 scoop of Soylent to 1.5 scoops of water, or 1 pouch of Soylent to 2L of water. So it looks like you started off making it correctly and then switched to a method using less water. Which did you prefer?

    Here are the directions:


    • Hey there and thanks for dropping by! I would love to help get Soylent into more people’s hands, my only concern is running out ourselves. Soylent obviously has a big backlog of orders they’re catching up on and I’d hate to run out of what has now become our staple food. That being said, our resupply just showed up moments ago, so we’re at least OK for a few more weeks. I’m afraid that at this moment in time I’m going to have to say no, but if the shipping situation gets smoothed out soon and they sort out subscription orders for families like us, then I may change my tune. Feel free to check in a couple weeks from now and we’ll see.

      On the other hand, I expect some number of people who ordered several months’ worth up front, may start parting with it on ebay in the very near future. There looks to be one auction running now at least:

      so you might want to keep your eyes on ebay too. I don’t expect the price of my auction to be a real indicator of a “market price” as it should come down the more people compete to sell it.

      As far as preparation goes, there have been several “official” instructions on water/powder ratios, so it’s not entirely clear what the real recommendation is other than “mix it how you like it”. I did try it with the 1:1 ratio on the scoop, and personally I didn’t like it as much, it was just a bit to “battery” to both of us, we prefer it mixed with a full pitcher of water.

      Thanks again for stopping by, and glad you enjoy the videos!

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