Soylent 1.3 – Nailed It!!

We just tried our first servings of Soylent 1.3 today.  It’s a hit!  Unlike 1.2 which was for some reason a split decision between us, 1.3 is totally acceptable in every way.  As with 1.2 it comes with algal oil now instead of the fish oil blend, and the oil imparts no discernible taste or scent at all to the end result.

On my first taste, the only differences I noticed were that it is a darker color (like chocolate milk), and that, like 1.2, it’s much less sweet than 1.0.  But that doesn’t mean it tastes bitter or anything like that.  It’s just… more neutral.  And it had a much reduced aftertaste.  Normally the aftertaste of Soylent 1.0 will linger with me for a while, but with 1.3 I’m not even sure what it tasted like just 5 minutes later.

Oh and they also reduced the packaging a little more.  It’s really quite compact now.

On my second glass, I paid much closer attention to try and detect any differences.  It’s slightly thinner than 1.0, but nowhere near as thin as 1.1 thank goodness.  It pours and drinks slightly faster than 1.0.  Also it’s smoother.  The slight grittiness we’ve become accustomed to, is gone.  There is still a slight texture, but I can’t even really call it “gritty” anymore, it just has texture.

All in all, Soylent 1.3 is a definite hit, and I think it’s the best formulation yet to date.  It hits on all of the original stated goals of the product, without sacrificing drinkability.  This is something we can – and will – drink all day, every day.

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