Soylent as smoothie base

So today I decided to try a smoothie using Soylent in place of the protein powder I would usually use.  I made a video of it for anyone who’s interested.

What isn’t clear in the video, is the actual physical sensation of drinking it.  Might seem like an odd thing to even make mention of, but it really was an unusual experience.

It was a very noticeable, 3-phase series of sensations.  First was the sense that I was drinking crushed/slushed ice.  Didn’t really have much taste, was just cool and kinda boring.  Then a second or two later, came the citrus.  Just a hint of it, just enough to begin to register “hey that’s kinda sweet… a little tropical even… that’s very nice.”  And finally the kicker.  Phase 3 was this incredible sense of… I’m not quite sure what to even call it.  Satisfaction?  Pleasure?  Euphoria?  A little of all 3.  It radiated all the way through me in a wave and was just so unbelievably refreshing.

Normally when I have a genuine Jamba Juice smoothie of fresh orange juice, pineapple sherbet, and their protein powder(s), taking a drink of it is like a little bomb going off in your head.  It hits you with a wallop with an intense combination of sweet and cool refreshment.  But compared to a Soylent smoothie, it’s the difference between a rubber mallet and a velvet glove le viagra d.

I figured it would probably taste decent, but this far exceeded my expectations.  It was hard not to drink it way too fast, I had to constantly put it down so I wouldn’t freeze my brain.

I see a deal with Jamba Juice just begging to be struck.  I suspect cost may be an issue for the time being, but I really hope that at some point they do put something together with Soylent!

Have you had a chance to try a Soylent smoothie yet?  If so what did you try and how was it?  And if you haven’t but can, please do and let me know the result.


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