Soylent is not a weight loss product.

It’s fascinating how so many naysayers (many of them quite vitriolic) against Soylent, consider it to be some kind of “protein shake” or “fad diet” when in fact it is neither of these.

Soylent is food.

Do I really need to say that again? OK. Slowly this time.

S o y l e n t  i s  f o o d .

Living all or primarily on Soylent is no different then living all or primarily on hamburgers, salads, grilled cheese sandwiches, or cereal.

Oh, except that it’s fully nutritious. And cheaper. And more convenient. And better for the environment. And delivered to your door. And portable. And doesn’t require electricity. And doesn’t require heat.

So yeah, there’s that.

Maybe some people see Soylent as a weight loss product, and that’s fine. But that’s not much different than seeing *any* particular food as a weight loss product, provided you consume fewer calories of it than you expend.

People who are threatened by Soylent… well then you don’t have to buy or consume it. Are you threatened by any other foods you personally don’t like? If not, then what the hell is your problem with Soylent? Try actually doing a little research (and not pseudo-science, btw) before you flatly condemn it and anyone who chooses to eat it.

Those who do, are probably in the same camp who flatly condemn those on a Vegan, Paleo, Lacto-Ovo, or countless other specific diets.  Let’s remember that “diet” means what a person consumed, and does not refer to any specific commercial eating fad!

Winding down day 19 with Soylent personally and holy shit do I feel good.

4 thoughts on “Soylent is not a weight loss product.

  1. While soylent is not meant to be a weight loss product I have every confidence that I will indeed lose weight. Strike one…Because of medication I take I have absolutely no appetite and have to remind myself to eat. Strike two….I don’t like to cook or prep or generally be in the kitchen at all. Cooking nor preparing food is not one of my priorities. Therefore, by the time I remind myself to eat I’m certainly not going to want to spend my time doing one of my least favorite things so that I can eat something that doesn’t even taste good to me. My “meals” up to this point look something like this…..3 cups of coffee between 8-10 for “breakfast”, usually Taco John’s around 1 and not because it tastes good it is just what is closest to where I work and as u can imagine by that time I have lost any ability to concentrate or focus on work so I have found I have to eat something. Then around 3 I have to have something sweet to ease out of my blood sugar swing which is known to causes cravings for sweets. Then I like to go home and work in my garden and by 9 I again realize that I should probably eat something which is usually 3/4 of a Tomstone pizza because it’is quick and convenient. This has pretty much been my modis operendi (sp?) for the past 15 + years and I am assuming it is well above my 1500 optimal caloric intake. The bad part about this is I am surprisingly not morbidly obese, don’t have high blood pressure or high cholesterol or any other serious health problems and could go on like this indefinitely but I want to “eat” healthier and have more energy. Soylent sounds like it could be my perfect solution and I can’t wait to get it:). (I just realized I didn’t have a strike three). Sorry for being so long winded but I totally “get” this Soylent thing and am just trying to explain to some non-believers how beneficial it can be to people like me!

    • No worries, and thanks for the comment! Personally I also expect to lose weight with Soylent (in fact I already have, but plan to go into that more at the 1-month mark on June 1). I merely wanted to say something to all the nitwits out there who immediately paint Soylent as some sort of “fad diet” or “protein shake” or whatever. It’s merely food, albeit food that you can very easily and conveniently consume and track for caloric value. In that respect, it’s actually just about the “ultimate weight loss product”, but that’s like saying “eating balanced meals all the time is a weight loss product”. 😉

      Sounds like Soylent will fit your needs well, many of your reasons fit ours and we’ve been thrilled to have it. Hope you can get some soon!

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