Soylent more expensive than caviar!

Well my ebay auction of 1 pouch of Soylent has kinda gone crazy.  Rob Rhinehart, inventor of Soylent, tweeted this a few hours ago:

I’m really pretty astonished at the price jump, which happened last night long before Rob tweeted it out to his followers.  I guess it is going to sell after all, and at one hell of a premium too.  Wow!

2 thoughts on “Soylent more expensive than caviar!

  1. I saw it on Ebay yesterday and didn’t know if was you. I was amazed someone would pay over $100 for three meals of Soylent! I would probably pay $20 but I can just wait. I think I’d have a tough time trying the one pouch and then having to wait (weeks maybe) for a 2nd taste!

    • We were astonished as well! Frankly I wasn’t sure it would even sell at all, it was mostly just for a laugh and to be “first” to sell 1.0 Soylent on eBay. I was pretty sure the buyer wasn’t even real until he paid this morning. I sure hope he thoroughly enjoys it!

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