Super quick & easy Soylent smoothie

Now that summer is here, the days are heating up and cool drinks are the order of the day.  My personal favorite hot-weather drinks are of the frozen variety.  Milkshakes, smoothies, etc. are always welcome when the temps rise!

I’ve previously written about my favorite Soylent smoothie, and it’s still the absolute most delicious and refreshing thing ever.  But on occasion I’ve run out of pineapple sherbet, or just didn’t really want the added sugar/calories.  So today I decided to try the simplest smoothie ever.  Soylent, juice, and ice.

The result was delicious!  The taste is extremely mild, which I suppose was to be expected.  It just has a hint of citrus sweet, but only just barely perceptible.  It’s extremely refreshing and I finished it off in no time.  A little too fast in fact, as the brief “ice cream headache” indicated!

So, here’s the “recipe” such as it is… scale the ingredients as much as you like:

6 ounces liquid Soylent
2 ounces orange juice (fresh squeezed if you have it!)
5-10 ice cubes depending on size and how frozen you like your drinks

Put it all in the blender and blend!  Drink, and enjoy.

That’s all there is to it.  I’m going to be having several of these today I think!

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