Tired of diluting Soylent with ice?

If you’re anything like us and you drink Soylent, odds are you’ve got yourself at least one insulated bottle/thermos.  We’ve got several, and we use them almost any time we go out of the house for any extended period of time.  But we also use them around the house quite often, and like to keep our Soylent nice & cold.

Of course this means ice cubes.  And they work great, with one problem.  They melt!  Eventually, you end up with cool and diluted Soylent – especially if you set a bottle at your bedside overnight.

I finally decided I was tired of this, not to mention the extra water usage with making ice all the time.  I decided to look into ice cube alternatives, and discovered many, many possibilities!  All manner of materials too… plastic, steel, even stone.

We settled on some simple plastic cubes that you can freeze, use, rinse, and freeze again.  They’re available on Amazon (what isn’t these days??) but we actually found them a whole lot cheaper at our local Bed Bath & Beyond.  They actually had both the cubes as well as star shapes, so we got both sets for about $7 total!

Now we can finally keep our Soylent chilled without diluting it at all.  Fabulous!

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