To the media: You’re doing it all wrong!

Over & over I see reports in the media documenting someone’s first taste of Soylent.  And time and again it’s very obvious to me – both from seeing their Soylent as they drink it and from their description – that they are mixing it ALL WRONG.

I know, the scoop says 1 scoop of powder to 1 scoop of water.  It is wrong.  Period.  Ignore that.  The result is fairly unpleasant (at least that was our opinion, some may disagree).

Soylent, when “properly” mixed (by our estimation anyway), should be roughly the consistency of cream that you would put in your coffee.  Maybe just slightly thicker, but not much.  It is primarily water after all.

Also, it *MUST* be cold.  Seriously, at room temperature or even “cool” I find it to be not enjoyable to drink at all.  I can if I must, but I really really prefer not to.  But when nicely chilled… it’s delicious and if you served it to me in a big silver tin with a spoon, I’d think it was some new dairy confection from the local malt shop (ok nobody has malt shops anymore but you get the idea).

So, mix your Soylent with a ratio of around 2 sccops of water to 1 scoop of powder (or just mix one entire bag into a pitcher – roughly 2 liters total water and powder) and put it in the fridge for at least maybe 4 hours.  Then, shake it up again and it should be fairly pleasant if not downright tasty.

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