What’s the obsession with comparing Soylent and semen??

'Semen-like' nutrition drink sells for £70 a pack on eBay

This is so weird and kinda gross, but I’ve seen Soylent referred to a number of times as similar to semen in consistency, color, etc.

 If you want to buy three servings of a nutritional powder than can be combined with water to create a synthetic “meal” with the exact appearance and consistency of semen, you’re going to pay a lot for the privilege. Soylent is really in demand.


A synthetic pearl-white juice ‘with the consistency of semen’ has seen an unexpected surge in demand after being placed on eBay.

<a href="http://metro prix viagra paris.co.uk/2014/05/13/semen-like-juice-that-can-replace-need-for-solid-food-flying-off-virtual-shelves-at-70-a-pack-on-ebay-4726460/” rel=”nofollow”>http://metro.co.uk/2014/05/13/semen-like-juice-that-can-replace-need-for-solid-food-flying-off-virtual-shelves-at-70-a-pack-on-ebay-4726460/ (obviously referencing the previous article, but I’ve seen many other comments that share the sentiment)

Have these people never seen Soylent or semen??  As a man I rest comfortably in the knowledge that none of my bodily fluids in any way resemble Soylent.  As my reply to one of those comments suggested, if your semen was the consistency of Soylent, you better see a doctor quick because you’re about to fucking die!

Talk about reaching just to try and get some shock value and make Soylent sound like something most people would find disgusting.  But then again there’s the old adage “all publicity is good publicity” and in Soylent’s case, I’m inclined to agree.

People really are funny!




4 thoughts on “What’s the obsession with comparing Soylent and semen??

  1. Really enjoying your videos. VERY informative. Thank you for doing this. The more I think about it, the more this product seems unbelievably huge. Even in healthcare. Daily videos would be fantastic – the world is really starved of info on this amazing world changing product, and you are the sole source right now.

    • I’m inclined to agree that this is going to be far bigger than most people realize right now. The next year or two are going to be very very telling.

      I could do more videos but frankly I don’t have much to say! LOL Soylent so quickly integrated itself into our lives and is now something we can’t imagine how we lived without. Life is just so easy and convenient now that we don’t have to drop everything to go grocery shopping, or try to figure out what we want to cook when we just aren’t in the mood to deal with it, etc. Used to be we’d fall back on eating crappy stuff in those situations, now we just have Soylent instead and it’s awesome.

      I’ll see about doing a video tonight, I think I have a few things worth mentioning that will make it worth watching. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Thank you for chronicling your experiences with Soylent. I binge watched your vlogs today, and I’m jealous that you live where they ship. Canada hasn’t made the list of countries where it’s available yet, and I don’t want to drop $115USD on one bag on eBay. 🙁

    I have no reference to compare the claim that it has the consistency of semen, so I’m a little puzzled by the trend as well…

    • Yeah I really hope they get to orders outside the US soon! I think that’s going to be massive in terms of its long term acceptance. Americans definitely don’t have a monopoly on not eating very healthy, or on being too busy to deal with food all the time! =)

      As for the ebay prices, I was the first so I think that’s an unusual event. I expect to see the prices come down fast as more people try to jump on the “make a quick buck” bandwagon and bring competition to ebay. So keep watching those auctions, you might be able to snag some yet!

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