The Last Pizza

My taste buds have changed so much since Soylent that each week, the list of solid foods I eat is shorter!

Recently, I had pizza. It will probably be my last, at least that I order. I may have some if served at a party. It just didn’t taste right, and I know it wasn’t the pizza. It’s me.

Prior to that, I had Carl’s Jr. and that didn’t taste right either. Not even my beloved criss cut fries, which I hadn’t had in years but they used to be a favorite.

Prior to that, I had a sandwich that used to be typical for me but it had been 4-5 months: toasted sourdough bread, light mayo, Tofurky, and light swiss. I couldn’t even finish it! It didn’t taste right.

One thing I have added back into my diet that I had abandoned upon starting Soylent is yogurt. Now that it’s no longer made with Aspartame, I like it better (no aftertaste). It tastes ok to me. Not thrilling, but ok.

My favorite Mexican restaurant’s food tastes better to me than ever. I seem to crave salty things usually. I also enjoy breakfast at Denny’s and the Southwest rolls at Coco’s. Again, salty. I can also still have Taco Bell. However, I have also lost my taste for Indian food, and that’s plenty salty.

I also crave orange juice several times per week. I drink the 50% diluted kind as full strength is too strong.

I don’t know how much of this to attribute to Soylent and how much may be due to getting on in my 40s. I know tastes can change with age. I know my mom was much older than I am now when she lost her taste for pizza!

It’s a bit sad for me to no longer get the thrill out of eating what I used to eat, but I wouldn’t live life without Soylent. It’s very convenient, and my health is better. I’m looking forward to trying 1.4!