Thanks to Soylent, the Breast Results So Far!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a physician giving medical advice. This is my personal experience. 

Yay, thank you Soylent!!!

My thermography results have improved!  I attribute this to Soylent and nothing else but Soylent.  Soylent is the only difference between this latest scan and my last one from five months ago!The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

Some background: as the daughter/granddaughter/niece of breast cancer patients, I had been getting mammograms at my doctors’ urging since age 35.  Due to my “high risk” status, it was presented to me as if I had no choice.

That always bothered me, because mammograms did not help my Mom.  She was vigilant about annual exams but they missed her lump.  She found it herself. By the time she found it, it was huge.  The surgeon removed a 6-inch diameter round tumor that the mammogram missed only a very short time before.

Furthermore, when my mom’s cancer returned and showed up on other tests eleven years later, her annual mammograms missed that too.  She was told that the cancer had been festering for years but the mammograms never caught it.

The mammograms were very painful and invasive. The indignity of having my breasts crushed against a machine and sore for days was awful.  I hated them.  After the last two, I cried for days.  It was truly aggravating and demeaning hearing  “well no one likes them, but you have to get them”.  Says who?!  Last time I checked, I was the patient.

I also tired of hearing that improvements had been made to improve their accuracy. I didn’t care. It was the pain of the process that I couldn’t abide. Anyone who knows me, knows, I don’t suffer physical pain any more gladly than I suffer fools. When I had menstrual pain, I got rid of it.  Forever.  Asthma?  Gone. Allergies?  Thanks to Soylent, buh-bye!

One day I was complaining to my chiropractor, who wondered about me putting myself through the pain of mammography when his wife and all female relatives got thermography instead.  He said all you do is stand there topless while your picture is taken.  It detects heat, which may indicate concern or not.  He suggested I check it out, and bless his heart for that!

(For an in-depth explanation of how thermography works, please Google it.  If you ask your standard western medicine doctor about it, odds are against them even having heard of it much less knowing anything about it.)

I began going for thermography every six months, as per the risk/concerns shown by the heat-detecting images.   My scan in the later half of 2013 was of slight concern and warranted continued 6-month evaluations.   I was not a bad risk, i.e., “hurry up and go get an MRI” (alternative to a mammogram), but the scans seemed to be getting slightly worse each time, and the last one I got in February of this year was the worst scan yet.

Each breast is rated from 1 to 5, one-two being normal, 3-4 suggesting elevated risk, and five being immediate danger.  My Feb. rating was right breast TH4+ (“abnormal”), left breast TH3 (“borderline”).  I began consuming Soylent at the end of April, about 80% of my diet.  Now my current thermography results are…drumroll please:

Right breast TH2; left breast TH2+!  Hot damn!  Well, literally not as hot.  I’ve cooled down; this is great news!

The report expressed “significant improvement” and for the first time, I am being advised to return in 12 months, not 6!  Thank you thermography team!  Thank you Rob, and all your backers, for Soylent!  Thank you inventor of thermography!  Thank you Universe for responding to my pleas for an alternative to painful mammograms!  Thank you Jonathan!  Thanks to my Mom, for still going strong 18+ years post-mastectomy when her oncologist insisted she should have died a loooong time ago!

No thanks to the doctors who tried and failed to convince me I’d be dead from cancer in my 30s  (I’m 41 now) unless I had my breasts prophylactically removed, based on my family history.

This is not to claim that my risk of breast cancer is permanently negated.  I don’t think anyone with living cells can legitimately claim that, about any cancer.  I’m also not directing anyone else to avoid mammograms, just because I do.  I do a lot of things that others couldn’t/wouldn’t/shouldn’t do.  I’m speaking strictly for myself in that Soylent is helping me hugely with peace of mind, a higher quality of life, and improved breast test results.

Thanks again!