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For the most part I have to agree with all the other positive reviews on Amazon about this travel mug. Drinking with it feels good, and the no-spill autoseal lid works as advertised. It keeps a batch of Soylent nice & cool for quite some time so I can have it with me at all times without a trip to the fridge.

My only complaint at all really is that the lid is a little hard to clean properly. You really do need to soak it to get everything, but even then there’s a small issue in that you can’t lock the button in a “pressed” position, in order to allow water to flow through the drinking spout to really get everything.

For now I’m wedging it open with a plastic toothpick and putting it through the dishwasher. Personally I prefer to just thoroughly rinse something like this immediately after every use so that I don’t have to wait and can fill it back up again.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I ordered one today. I’ve been using the Thermos brand 16oz thermos but unscrewing the top to drink (and holding the lid over something so it doesn’t drip) and screwing it back on between sips is getting annoying.

    • Cool, hope you enjoy it! The one thing I’ve found now that we’ve had these a little while, is that inside the lid (this will make more sense once you have one) is a little latch-like thingy that needs to be pressed down & clicked into place for it to function 100% correctly when drinking. Sometimes after rinsing/cleaning and I’ve lifted it up, I forget to lock it in place again and then the bottle doesn’t flow like it should. But I’ve learned to recognize that and correct it when it happens. Beyond that, these are really very handy and are quality products, ours are in use all the time now. I almost want to get a second pair of them just so we can rotate them on occasion and give them a deeper, longer soaking to really clean them out.

    • Do you mean why are we blogging? Or why are we using Soylent? If you want to know pretty much everything about why we wanted Soylent, you can check out my video series on Youtube. As for why we’re blogging… well mostly because we can! We want Soylent to be wildly successful so that it’s always available for us. Anything we can reasonably do to help that cause, is a good thing as far as we’re concerned. Someone else labeled me an “independent Soylent evangelist” and I thought that was pretty appropriate.

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