Takeya Airtight Drink Maker Pitcher / Jug, Set of Two

These are available on Amazon, but are actually the exact pitchers Soylent makes available in the Soylent starter kit (though with green trim).  They’re really quite excellent for mixing Soylent, as they seal completely shut and not a drip gets out.  They also have decent ergonomics, with a removable rubberized sleeve on the handle that feels quite nice to the touch and gives a really good grip.

The shape appears round when viewed from the side, but on closer inspection it’s actually slightly ovular at the bottom, and round at the top.  This is an unusual shape and I’m sure there’s a reason for it though I’m not sure what that is.  Maybe to help it fit in more refrigerators?

Speaking of fitting, it’s quite tall and wouldn’t fit on any of the shelves in our fridge.  But the door worked perfectly, so that’s where it now lives.  Our second one arrived today so now we can always have plenty of Soylent made up and not be in an urgent rush to mix up more when one runs dry.

The top plastic portion comes in two parts, the handle is attached to a ring that has threads for the screw-in cap to connect to, and that threads onto the container itself.  Then the cap threads into that.  There is a nice “de-tent” where the cap clicks into place for pouring, so you really can’t mess up and accidentally pour out of a partially-close opening, etc.

The only negative I’ve found with these is that the threads can sometimes get Soylent powder caught in them during the initial mix, and somehow it never quite manages to get absorbed into the mix.  So on occasion when it’s empty and I take it apart, there are bits of Soylent stuck in the threads, and in the tiny corners/edges of the inner workings of the plastic ring.  Nothing a gentle scrub brush can’t take care of, or a trip through the dishwasher.

All in all, for how much use these pitchers are going to get, I’m very glad Soylent chose to go with them as they are lightweight and seem quite durable.

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