Contigo Easy-Clean Lid

We recently had a minor issue with one of our Contigo bottles (that we absolutely love, btw) where it would drip just slightly, especially when shaken.  Big problem when your primary beverage is Soylent!

So I wrote to the company and asked what to do about it, and they offered to send a replacement lid.  Pretty nice of them!  What I hadn’t counted on however was that the lid they sent wasn’t the same as the one that originally came with the bottle.  In fact, it was wayyyyyyyy better!  The new lid is super fancy and the internal mechanism comes almost completely unhinged so that it can really be thoroughly cleaned.  I love it!

Now of course, we’ve got one bottle with the new amazing lid and one without.  But a little sleuthing has revealed that you can actually buy the lids themselves separately!  Unfortunately they aren’t available on Amazon (which is where we originally ordered the bottles), but they can be ordered directly from the company website.  And at $7, it’s a bargain for all the hassle and aggravation they eliminate.Roblox Hack No Survey No Download

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