Small smoothie for one, coming up!

The other day I posted a video of me making a Soylent smoothie. It worked out really, really well and I thought I’d mention the particular blender I used since it’s not your typical household blender.

It’s a Hamilton Beach personal blender, and I really like it. Shannon got it for me as a gift one year (birthday I think, I forget now!) since I like to make smoothies from time to time, and hauling out the full sized blender, cleaning up after it, etc. was annoying.

On this one, the blender blades are built into the serving/blending cup, so you can drink out of it as soon as you’re done blending.  It’s not very big, so is more of a “single serving” blender.  But it’s very convenient, doesn’t take up a lot of counter space, and easy to clean up after.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

There is a small catch though.  Being fairly cheap, it’s not the greatest blender around by any means.  It has the classic “sharp” blades of most blenders, which have a tendency to slice through the material rather than crush/pulverize it.  I would love something like this that had thicker, more blunt blades, but for the cost and convenience, this works pretty well and I’m quite happy with it.  I’d say probably 3.5 stars out of 5.  Definitely good enough to keep me in Soylent smoothies for a while. ?

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