Spry gum – when you just gotta chew something!

517KWXH-mHL._SY300_Obviously one main point about Soylent is that it’s liquid, and some folks are concerned about getting cravings for something to chew on.  Well, assuming you intend to go 100% Soylent and won’t just let yourself have some conventional food on occasion, gum seems to be a fairly quick & harmless way to satisfy the need to keep your jaw busy.

We’ve been getting this Spry gum and it’s pretty tasty.  Comes in several flavors including a “Juicy Fruit” knockoff that doesn’t appear to be available on Amazon at the moment, unfortunately (I always loved Juicy Fruit!)  The flavor doesn’t last an extraordinary length of time, but then what gum actually does?  It’s got Xylitol as the sweetener  so no sugar and no nasty aspartame either.

If gum is something you do, I recommend Spry as a brand worth trying.  It’s good to have around to pop a couple pieces any time you feel like you might go snack on something when maybe you really shouldn’t!

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