A little less than 2 months ago, I decided it was time to give Soylent 2.0, Coffiest, and chocolate (cacao) Soylent a try (Nectar just doesn’t appeal to us at all).  Our supplies of 1.3 are continuing to dwindle and it’s become basically nonexistent to buy, so I wanted to try and slow our usage down a bit. I knew that none of these was going to become the staple of our diet the way 1.3 has been, but figured if it could even fill in on occasion, it’s better than nothing. Plus Soylent is now on Amazon and there was a screaming discount to subscribe there. So what the hell, right?

To our pleasant susprise, they actually taste fairly good.  Now speaking for myself, I’m not a big coffee fan… so for me I only drink Coffiest if I cut it about 50% with regular Soylent.  But then, it’s pretty good and reminds me of a Starbucks cold coffee drink.  Shannon is the coffee drinker in the house so she loves Coffiest and it’s become almost a daily morning staple.

Cacao has, to me, a weird lingering taste that I decided I just couldn’t get past.  I can’t really identify what it is, it’s just… strange.  Shannon likes it though and while it’s not a daily staple, I’d say she has one probably at least half the days in the week.

But Soylent 2.0 proper (“unflavored”) is what surprised us the most.  And unfortunately, part of that surprise has meant that Shannon can’t drink it.

First, it smells & tastes like popcorn.  Yes, popcorn!  Very very strange.  Thankfully we both love popcorn, so that’s not a problem… it’s just really weird to drink popcorn!  The trouble has been with digestion.  We were concerned about Soylent going to Soy protein for several reasons, one being that Shannon tends not to digest Soy all that well.  Sure enough, Soylent 2.0 gives her terrible painful bloating gas within minutes of drinking it.  This was tested numerous times (we had a 12 pack to use up after all) and every time, same result.  So she simply can’t drink the stuff.

Fortunately for me, I have no such issue with it and can drink it any time I need to.  I find that mostly I turn to it when we’ve run low of mixed 1.3 and I don’t feel like mixing up more (like it’s late at night and I’m heading for bed, usually).  It fills in great at those times, and I think I’ll probably go through a case every month or two.

All 3 versions are completely smooth – any grit or texture is now long gone.  There’s also no need to shake them which is weird having gotten so used to shaking Soylent.  Plus since we still drink mostly 1.3, we shake that all the time anyway.

So there you go, we’re back in the fold, sortof.  Of course when we do run out of 1.3 we’re going to have to figure something else out.  But we probably have a good 6 months’ worth still (especially since supplementing with other flavors now), so maybe there will be a newer version by then that isn’t Soy protein based.  Fingers crossed!

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