Soylent 1.2 – A Split Decision

So we finally got some of the latest revision of the Soylent formula – 1.2.  There were so many complaints about 1.1 that Rosa Labs did a very quick turnaround and released a “bug fix” to the formula, that removed the added enzymes (which were responsible for the drastic change in consistency) but left the reduction in sweetener.

Jonathan found it to taste noticeably different from 1.0 Soylent.  Not just “less sweet” – it actually tastes like a completely different product.  Fortunately for him, he rather liked it.

Unfortunately, Shannon has the opposite view.  She doesn’t much care for the flavor at all, likening it to “malted Ovaltine on steroids!”  She can drink it if need be, but is not a big fan.

We’re going to experiment with adding a bit of sweetener so that it’s better for her.  Jonathan likes sweet things so he’ll be happy regardless.  In the mean time we’re also swapping our 1.2 Soylent with anyone who has 1.0 Soylent, since there are those who can’t stand the sweetness of 1.0 but already have received orders of it, and we’re fine with 1.0.  Win-Win!

Video is forthcoming of our first 1.2 taste test.

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