What It Feels Like For a Girl

We’ve been asked how I, a female, feel about Soylent and its place in our life. The short answer is: I love it!

It’s a mystery to me how Soylent seems so male-centric at this stage. I’ve even seen stupid remarks on articles from females claiming that guys who consume Soylent will be lonely and less likely to get dates. Riddle me that, Batman! Are you kidding?!

I happily date and cohabit with an alpha male Soylent consumer and I’m pretty alpha myself. We think for ourselves and place a high premium on quality of life. We are not lonely, and if we were, we sure wouldn’t attribute it to our food.

Only a total loser would shun anyone for consuming Soylent. It’s highly nutritious and not gross to look at or have around. An intelligent person would be better off alone than with a shallow nitwit who condemns so stupidly. And if someone would actually give up their preferred food to be more appealing to idiots, they’re probably too dumb to date!

The change to my life is probably far less dramatic in terms of food prep, food shopping, and food waste than it will be for many other women; not because of what Soylent is but because of what I’m not.

Even prior to Soylent, I rarely cooked. I can if I want to. It’s not my favorite way to spend time. Most of the time, food in our household is for sustenance and convenience, not the experience of cooking and serving. We usually heat up stuff or go out or eat very simply, like cereal or sandwiches. I’m not the traditional have-dinner-on-the-table-every-night, or any other meal, and sit down and eat as a couple. We eat at our desks or in bed or standing up. Due to our different tastes, we rarely eat the same thing unless we eat out. But we both drink Soylent!

For women who are the primary cooks, lunch packers, and nutrition watchdogs in their households, Soylent can rock their world. What a great alternative to cooking, washing dishes, and throwing out the food that the kids or spouse didn’t eat/like! If it can save even a couple hours a day, and put the family in better moods with more energy, what a gain that would be!

It’s helped save lots of time for me/us, and frees up space that “thinking about food” formerly occupied in our brains.

I think the biggest upgrade to my life as a girl, from Soylent is seeing how happy it makes my partner. You know that special, tingly feeling you get when the person you love the most is sparkling with happiness at being fully fed? It’s awesome!

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